Brett Shipley
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Conclude Eyeglasses

My goal for designing this pair of eyeglasses was to create something that you are happy to have be a part of you for the next two to three years. I realized that choosing one pair of glasses is a big decision, one that requires research and testing. Unlike shoes where you may have ten plus pairs, typically with glasses you only have one. And most of all, this product is what people will be staring at when they talk to you; it becomes a part of you and how people picture you. I wanted to design a pair of eyeglasses that goes with everything, embraces the fact that you have glasses, and innovates on the classic forms and the hinge. I chose to design a rounded frame shape with a ridged bridge. The hinge is unique by its simple technology of just clipping the temples and frame together by their open hole details creating a system which allows the glasses to be properly positioned to fold and be worn. 

Made with a marbled Brown Acrylic through lasercutting and heat bending, these are Conclude Eyeglasses.


glasses cover copy copy.jpg
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